My Book

Unlocking You: Because leadership is always personal

This book has been written to help you to begin to unlock you, tackle the causes (and not the symptoms) of your business challenges, increase your self-confidence and ability to ‘sell’ yourself, become confident with the unknown, be agile, question limiting beliefs, challenge self-imposed barriers and close the gap between what you say and what you do.

Bev Lockwood: Book
Bev Lockwood

This book is for you if you want to:

  • Feel inspired and equipped with practical tools to be the best business leader you can be
  • Understand the importance of who you are in relation to your business brand
  • Be conscious of what makes you different and why people would want to follow you
  • Understand how to relate better in a business leadership context to the opposite sex
  • Explore your impact and the power of your influence
  • Learn more about how to maximise your leadership skills to get the best out of your people

My Book Launch

At the fantastic Aspire in Leeds

Bev Lockwood Book Launch


“I could hear your voice as I was reading it!”  

“It is succinct enough to deliver key leadership messages, without bogging the reader down in too much technical jargon or ‘management’ speak.”
“Your passion shines through in abundance”
“It has a unique voice which jumps from the page”