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The power of an open mind

Do you have a fixed or growth mindset? If you read Mindset … Changing the way you think to fulfil your potential by Dr. Carol S. Dweck, you will, first of all, understand what both a fixed and growth mindset really are. Only when you appreciate the difference can you

Customer or Opportunity?

When did you last receive a great customer experience ? How often does this happen? I’ve had a number of experiences over recent months which have led me to ask the question … Am I a customer or an opportunity?  In, fact I feel like an opportunity more often than I

Women and self belief – is a lack of it holding you back?

What stands between you and realising your full potential? … My recent blog on confidence stimulated an unbelievable level of interest, two thirds of which was from women.  As I said in the blog, I coach as many men as I do women and confidence affects both in equal measure.

A culture of continuous improvement

The business doesn’t improve if the people don’t … Business success depends upon having a variety of skills and attributes and shared ownership of a vision, which, combined enable you to form a team capable of delivering results together.  A concept which is easy to agree with but a reality

6 Enablers of Empowerment

It’s better to have 10 people working with you than 100 working for you.  However, others can only work with you if they are empowered to take responsibility and be accountable.  The following are key enablers of empowerment: Trust Clarity of role and responsibilities Clear parameters within which to operate

Trust … How much do you have?

Communication … It’s the most important thing in all our relationships. After all, it’s the key personal tool we use to build trust. We grow business and succeed based on trusted relationships … So why is it that many of us are constantly in auto pilot with the keyboard, often

What’s the purpose of your life?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “How will anyone know I’ve been here”? It’s a pretty important question to ask as soon as possible if you want a purposeful life. My job is extremely interesting, challenging and fulfilling, no more so than when I’m working with those who are

Self Confidence – Do you have enough?

It’s the single, biggest thing I help with I know from many years experience that lack of self confidence is a common barrier in equal measure for men and women to decision making, progression in life/career and overall success. However, it never fails to surprise me just how much people

How to lead change … Make it personal

I saw my youngest son, Tom (28) off at Manchester Airport 2 weeks ago to continue his life and career in the USA.  His P45 arrived at my home (I'm the re-direct address!) a few days later ... A reminder for me that, at this point anyway, this is a

Who’s taking over from you?

Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember, involve me and I will understand.... Planning your succession is quite simple ... your next generation need to be involved. In career terms we generally spend our 20’s learning and perfecting our craft and excelling in our chosen

What does your legacy look like?

You can leave something behind or you can leave a legacy – there’s a difference. I have a friend who’s a cutlery manufacturer who once told me that his daughters would get ownership of the factory, to pass onto the grandchildren, but that the business would go to his staff.

Are you leading or managing?

Ultimately, business success rests on your ability to lead and leadership is about shaping the way forward, not managing the ‘here and now’, hands on, day to day ‘stuff’. If you’re a business leader I have 3 quick and easy questions for you to ask yourself on a daily basis

Inspire, Involve and Invest in your people

Only when you’re conscious of and recognise the importance of your own value add, will you be able to begin to recognise the potential power of releasing the value of your people …

Making the appraisal process enjoyable and purposeful

For many, the dreaded appraisal process is simply a meaningless, superficial, box ticking exercise. This is such a shame, as when used effectively, it is a massive opportunity to re-affirm your clarity of purpose, inspire and empower your people.

Who Are You? – Understanding and unlocking your value

As a coach I ask a lot of questions such as what makes you different?, what value do you add? and how are you playing to your strengths? These questions help to get clients thinking about who they really are and where they can add most value. Your value comes

Reaching out for an injection of support

“I’ve read your book, it all makes sense … I think I need your help”. This was the email I received from Wendy, a member of the senior leadership team at Royal Mail. Wendy, had remained static in her role at RM for many years whilst she prioritised her children.

Passion and Property

In my book I talk about passion being contagious, a great enabler with which to engage your people with the ownership of a shared vision. Indeed, passion in action achieves great things. Two of my clients, both in the property sector, have been a joy to work with when I’ve