I can design tailor made workshops to suit your needs.

Examples of a few I have done successfully:

Do You Want to Fit in or Stand Out?

The session is focused on the practicalities of managing yourself and your relationships with those around you to be able to add the value you bring to the business and progress. Including:

  • Knowing yourself
  • Personal Impact
  • Playing to your strengths
  • Marketing yourself

Here’s what some attendees said:

“This has completely changed the way I think about my career and how I progress”

“I thought I knew who I was but when you asked those 3 key questions, I realised I don’t!”

“I now realise how important my image is to my career progression and projecting who I am”

Have You Really Looked In The Mirror Lately?

Getting the best out of you is a session focused on the practicalities of understanding yourself and your relationships with others to be able to get the best from yourself and those around you. Including:

  • Understanding you
  • Increasing your self awareness, for example – does your image and behaviour match who you are?
  • Building your self confidence
  • Learn how to be truly confident
  • Valuing difference
  • How to recognise and value different skills and attributes and how these they contribute to business success

Managing Your Pregnancy With Your Employer?

This has to be one of the most difficult stages of a woman’s career, managing the balance between the commitments to both career and family with all the emotional and physical factors of pregnancy.

  • Are you finding it difficult trying to manage your plans to come back to work when you have no idea how you will feel?
  • Getting employers to understand that you can plan for a return to work date but this may not be fixed is often a challenge.
  • Are you worrying about being side lined for promotion as a result of your maternity leave and a possible reduction in hours on your return?
  • Managing your profile and your value is important and it doesn’t have to stop when you have a baby.

The workshop session is focused on proactively and confidently managing this phase of life with your employer. Helping you with the confidence to have the right conversations with your employer at the right time, including:

  • The practicalities of managing your professional identity
  • Articulating your expectations on your exit from and return to the business
  • Ensuring the value you bring remains the focus rather than the hours you work
  • Having a conversation that focuses on accessibility rather than flexibility

Here’s what some women I have coached said: 

“There was a knack to getting the communication tactics right in this phase of my life / career and your help enabled me to proactively and confidently manage these conversations”

“You helped me to structure my KIT days so that they provided a meaningful contribution to my career development, enabling me to retain involvement and control of my career, rather than merely keeping in touch”